Stage One: Abstract Submission

A title, abstract (100 – 200 words), and a list of all co-authors must be submitted by December 15, 2020. You may also submit the manuscript at this time.

Authors will be asked to report Conflicts of Interest with the Scientific Committee members.

Stage Two: Manuscript Submission

The paper itself (6-8 pages including all references) is due by January 31, 2021. Each submitted manuscript must discuss original work that has not been previously published in other indexed research databases.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscript meets the submission guidelines outlined in the TEMPLATE at the bottom of this page.

Your manuscript will be reviewed as a finished manuscript.

Download the MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE below:

Double Peer Review Policy

Papers submitted to the ICISIL 2021 Conference will undergo a double-blind peer review process. In this process, authors do not know who reviews their papers and reviewers do not see author names. There is evidence that papers subjected to double-blind review receive more citations than those that undergo single-blind review; thus, double-blind review may also be associated with higher-quality papers.

Guidance for Authors

If you are an author, you should write your paper so as not to disclose your identity or the identities of your co-authors. The following guidelines are best practices for blinding a submission in a way that should not weaken it or the presentation of its ideas.

While Writing

  • Do not use your name or your co-authors’ names, affiliations, funding sources, or acknowledgments in the heading or body of the document. It is absolutely fine and encouraged to use the name of the machine you are working on and describe it.

  • Do NOT eliminate self-references to your published work that are relevant and essential to a proper review of your paper solely in an attempt to anonymize your submission. Instead, write self-references in the third person. Recall that the goal and spirit of double-blind review is to create uncertainty about authorship, which is sufficient to realize most of its benefits.


At Submission Time

  • At submission time, you will be asked to declare conflicts of interest you may have with program committee members. You will also have the option to upload a list of conflicts. Reviewers will be asked separately to verify declared conflicts.

  • Because of the double-blind process, there will no longer be a limit on the number of submissions by reviewers. However, there will be a limit of four accepted papers for reviewers.


During the Review Period

  • You are not forbidden from disseminating your work via talks or technical reports. However, you should not try to directly or otherwise unduly influence program committee members who may be reviewing your paper.


During the Revision and Response Period

  • During the rebuttal period, authors should still assume double-blind review. Therefore, authors should not disclose their identities in their revision and response to the reviewers. However, as with the original submission, authors will have the option of entering identity-revealing information in a separate part of the revision and response form that will, by default, be visible only to a non-conflicted Chairs, or their designee(s) in the case of conflicts.

The ICISIL 2021 Proceedings will be submitted for indexing to: 

Transilvania University of Brașov

Sergiu Chiriacescu Aula

 41A Iuliu Maniu 

Brașov 500091, Romania

(valid also for ICISIL 2021)

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